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Order Acceptance Process

We use a variety of industry standard methods to provide you with a selection of order placement options to suit your preferred payment method or shopping experience. 

Currently these include but are not limited to: Amazon Com USA; Amazon UK; PayPal and our own secure shopping cart hosted by Web Com shopping cart.

These payment systems collect your data according to all appropriate laws and requirements of the VISA, MasterCard and American Express systems. Your credit card information is NOT provided to our company in any form.

Written or Verbal Purchase Orders (P.O.) are NOT accepted under any condition.

However, as appropriate, we will issue a advance Pro Forma Commercial Invoice for advance payment by Bank Transfer in US Dollar Currency Only.

Bank transfer payments shall include prepayment of the Invoice amount and any transfer fees to our company bank account at the Bank of America, USA. We only accept Bank Transfer Payments in US Dollar Currency.

Payment for our products in Euro (EUR) and Pound Sterling (GBP) may be made using our shopping carts and PayPal payment system and the Amazon UK shopping site.

All sales are processed by our United States Company and are subject to local tax USA Federal and State laws. 

All shipments by our company are originated from the United States and shipments to addresses outside of the United States are processed according to United States Export laws and regulations.

Shipments to countries outside of the United States  are subject to the import laws and cross border customs processing at the time of entry to the destination country.

We will, with specific advance arrangements, act as your agent for the prepayment of import and customs processing fees and taxes. These fees are listed on our invoices as additional shipping charges and are NOT broken out separately to our customers.

As the customer wishes, we will NOT act as their agent and the customer may make their own arrangements with local customs brokers and tax authorities.

Credit card payment information collected from the Web Com shopping cart system is processed by our employees manually using the Intuit Merchant Service Center.

Your credit card details are not stored in our offices or electronically on our computers for longer than five (5) days and then the numbers are automatically deleted. On occasion, we use a manual FAX OrderForm to collect your data or changes to credit card number. These FAX forms are printed retained in our order processing files for a period of three (3) years and are NOT stored electronically.

Cancellations prior to shipment are subject to a cancellation service charge but not not normally incurred unless considerable time and effort is invested in producing a product specifically for a specific client.

Clients credit card will be charged at time of Order Entry which is usually 24 to 48 hours before actual shipment.

All shipments are normally sent via Federal Express from California USA or from Riga, Latvia, European Union by Federal Express or Latvian AIR POST. If you have a FED EX shipping account number enter it in the comments section on the order form and we will charge your card the actual shipping charges and you will receive your company discount.

Shipments by UPS, DHL, & USA POST are not possible. Federal Express is our ONLY method of shipment in the USA. Orders placed through the Amazon Com site may be shipped by UPS or other carriers at the choice of Amazon Com. Will call pickups are also not accepted.

Collect shipments are not accepted by any method.

After shipment, orders may be cancelled and items must be returned for credit to be offered.

Returns are subject to our Return policy - described separately

We also reserve the right to decline orders from any company or person for any reason and those orders that do not meet the intent of our Terms and Conditions.




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